Replace OEM audio with 2din android car audio unit

I was searching for some android 2din device for a long time. Finaly I found one interesting china noname device with android 5.1 and with additional camera and make an order
In overall the device is ok. For sure, there always are better devices, etc, but for this price it was ok. The price was about 150 Euro on ebay. But in next time I would choose something from Eonon or Pumpkin devices...

Android head unit


Android car stereo 2din

Ok, I found an installation guide there, so I will just copy and paste this info in my site. Also will add some extra points.

The idea is to move the A/C controls down, instead of the original CD changer/empty cell – depends on your model.


1. Philips screwdriver

2. Flat wide screwdriver/ dashboard remover plastic tool (I got mine with my audio system)

In order to install the new audio system you may need a soldering iron and a  insulating tape

If your device didn’t arrive with adapters, you may need to create ones, so a 6″x 4″ metal plate (thickness ~1.5mm) and a driller, 4.5″ grinder and a hammer.

It will take you about 2 hours if the wires are all there, it might take you more if you need to add the reverse camera.

Let’s start:

1. Remove the upper 2 Philips bolts and cover the flat screwdriver with a fabric (or use the plastic tool) to remove the plastic cover.

Notice the hazard lights connector that should be disconnected before the cover is being removed completely:

2. Remove the A/C controls unit. Unscrew the Philips bolts around it, notice that there is a hose at the back of it, release it as well (just pull it carefully)

Now, we will work on removing the CD changer, first, we have to move the console.

3. Using the flat screwdriver (still with a fabric on it) or the plastic tool (as in the picture below), take the cup holder out:

4. Remove the 2 Philips bolts and turn the 4×4 selector anticlockwise till the head of it will be in your hand:

5. Push the lower plastic cover of the gear shifter down, you will hear a “click” and then you will see a small bolt on each side of the shifter. Remove those bolts and keep them in a safe place.

Remove the shifter head.

I had some problems with gear shifter, could not find one screw at the beginning :) There are 2 screws - 1 at passenger side and another one in back, like where is - sign or close to central console

 6. Remove the 2 philips bolts and move the console away:

7. Remove the bolts that hold the changer (or your empty cell) in place and pull it carefully. Make sure you didn’t pull any other wiring on the way 

Disconnect the wiring behind the A/C control unit and the hose.

8. Connect the A/C wiring harness and the hose at the back of the A/C controls, this time, move the wiring through the lower place – where it should be install.

Install it in place using the same Philips bolts.

Install the console in reverse order. Notice not to tighten the shifter bolts too much – verify that you can shift gears!

Now it is time for wiring. I have found some wiring diagrams before, but the correct one is on OEM audio:

Seems like this is the correct one:

And wiring diagram for new device:

Ok this is how audio in my car looks now:

Also USB cable for USB Flash drive or USB camera:

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