Pajero tyre size and oil capacities

So, what exactly are tyre sizes for Pajero / montero 3rd generation?

Tire Rim PCD
265/70R16 7.5Jx16 ET46 6x139.7
265/65R17 7.5Jx17 ET46 6x139.7
265/60R18 8Jx18 ET35 6x139.7
285/60R18 8Jx18 ET35 6x139.7

What about oils?

  • Engine Oil capacity: 3.2L diesel: NM/NP: 7.5L NS/NT: 9.8L
  • Auto transmision capacity: NL: 8.5L, NM/NP 9.3L, NS: 9.7L, NT:10.9L
  • Transfer case oil: 2.8 liters of 75W-85W GL-4 gear oil
  • Differential lubricant: 
    •  Standard: SAE 80/90W GL-5 gear oil
    • Limited Slip: LS 90 (usually you will have a sticker on the diff if you have the LSD one)
    • Capacity:
      • Front: 1.2 liters
      • Rear: 1.6 liters
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