Pajero sunroof repairing and calibration

If your Mitsubishi sun roof motor is loose this is a quick guide on how to repair it.

And - if after you fixed it, when you "close" the sunroof all the way, it stops leaving a gap at the end, or its not aligned closed as it should (LOOK OUTSIDE AND SEE HOW IT SITS CLOSED) then you HAVE to recalibrate - instructions below.




Get in the car and make sure the sunroof is closed.
With the key OFF, press and hold the sunroof CLOSE button.
While holing the button in the CLOSE position, turn the ignition key on and then off FIVE times.
At the last key off you should here a slight noise from the sunroof motor, this is OK.
Release the CLOSE button.

The calibration is now deleted. Now we need to recalibrate:


  1. Press the sunroof OPEN switch, and continue to press this switch until the sunroof is in the fully-open position.
  2. Pressing the sunroof CLOSE switch will move the sunroof approximately 30 mm (1.2 in) toward the closed position before stopping automatically. Repeatedly press the sunroof CLOSE switch until the sunroof is in the fully-closed position.
  3. Press the sunroof CLOSE switch until the sunroof is in the full tilt-up position.
  4. With the sunroof glass in the full tilt-up position, depress the sunroof CLOSE switch for about 3 seconds until a clicking sound is heard from the sunroof ECU.
  5. Continue to depress the sunroof CLOSE switch and move the sunroof glass lid to the full tilt-down position.
  6. Depress the sunroof OPEN switch once to slide the sunroof to the fully open position.
  7. Press the sunroof CLOSE switch to make sure the sunroof glass closes normally.

NOTE: During initialization, the sunroof will only close with the CLOSE switch if the glass is in the fully closed through full tilt-up positions. If the sunroof tilt-up switch is depressed during initialization, the roof glass will not move to the tilt-up position.

NOTE: After initialization (learning mode), check to ensure that the sunroof operates properly. If the sunroof does not operate properly do the initialization steps again. If the sunroof still does not operate, further diagnosis of the motor/ECU assembly and related circuitry is needed. Refer the the service manual and TSB-02-54-001 to diagnose and repair the sunroof motor circuit.

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