Pajero / Montero: Replace oil pressure switch and valve cover gasket

How to change oil sensor or oil pressure switch on mitsubishi pajero / montero 3rd generation?

When I open and check engine for my car, there was a lot of oil. First of all I've changed valve cover gasket. Everything what we need here is just a part number ME203686


The repair by itself is easy, nothing impossible there:

Just remove engine plastic cover and unscrew valve cover. Then replace old gasket with the new one. When put a new gasket into valve cover, I use small wire to hold gasket onto place. When put valve cover in place on engine, then just remove these wires. Without this small trick the job will be a bit difficult.

Oil pressure switch replace is more difficult job. For me it takes about 3-4 hours just to replace this small detail. Part number: MD138993.

Ok what we should remove to get access to oil pressure swicth / oil sensor?

  • Remove engine plastic cover
  • Air filter with all pipes
  • Incomming air pipe for turbocharger

Oil pressure swith is located under turbocharger. Superhard place with superhard detail location :( 

Ok, what are the problems here, how to replace this pressure switch?

  • It is hard to remove incomming wire for this switch.;
  • Hard to put swivel socket to the detail, there is a small part for the wire and that make troubles when put swivel socket on the detail
  • Swivel socket size for original part is 27" !!! Replacement size was for 22"...
  • When you remove old detail and will try to put the new part to the place, there will be oil and that cause problems, because everything will be greasy there and it is had to get the new detail into the correct place.

Here we can see the oil sensor in around 0:15

Old oil pressure switch
New detail


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