Pajero: How to replace front brakes rotors and pads

That would be a short post about how to replace the front brakes (rotors and pads) of the Mitsubishi Pajero


Front brake disc


Required tools:

  1. Jack stand
  2. 17mm wrench
  3. 8mm bolt and wrench that fits its head
  4. Clamps
  5. Hammer

Required parts:

  1. Rotors
  2. Pads

Let’s start working…

  1. Put the transmission in “P” (or 1st gear), pull the hand brake. Release the wheel nuts a little.
  2. Raise the Pajero, secure it with a jack stand and blocks in front and back of the rear wheel.
  3. Remove the wheel.
  4. Look behind the wheel hub / caliper, you should see the bolts that hold the caliper in place, remove them both.
  5. Upper caliper bolt pajero
    Upper caliper bolt
  6. Lower caliper bolt pajero
    Lower caliper bolt


  7. Slide the caliper and remove it from the rotor. Carefully, remove the old pads (use your fingers to push them out) and install new pads. If there is one with metal side, that is the piston’s side pad. Open the bleed nipples and use the clamps to squeeze the piston to its end, so you’ll have the space needed to the new rotor/pads.

  9. In order to remove the rotor, use the hammer to hit genteelly on the rotor near the wheel bolts, then, use the 8mm bolt – screw it into the holes marked in the picture below, that will release and remove the rotor.


  11. Install a new rotor (just put it in place) and then, put the caliper back in place, if you squeeze it well, it would fit 


  13. Screw the caliper bolts back and tighten them.
  14. Bleed the air out of the brakes system
  15. Install the wheel, lower the Pajero,  add brake fluid if needed and tighten the wheel nuts. Go out for a test drive
  16. After 1km – tighten the wheel nuts again


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