Pajero 3: Self made roof console

One really interesting project found in Australian pajero forum.


Usually when we go away for a trip we seem to have stuff sitting all over the console that gets annoying. Also the UHF is mounted in the dash so even at full volume you really need to listen hard and turn the radio off to hear it. I killed 2 birds with one stone with this roof console!

I used a cardboard template to get the rough shape then cut the bits out of 6mm MDF. I then glued it all together with and added a couple bits of pine to give it some strength.

I removed the roof light and mounted some timber in there to use as the front mount. I made a pine bracket for the rear mount. I just lined it up with the existing roof lining clips - there is a cross member there. I measured the depth and used screws that were 5mm shorter, worked a treat!

I then just covered it in carpet which is glued on with PVA glue. I had a spare speaker kicking about for the CB (painted grey to match) and I reinstalled the original light. I also added a reverse camera, it comes on automatically in reverse when ACC is on and I added an override switch to turn it on anytime when the car is off. I also added a USB socket so we can charge any bits stored up there.

It has the middle storage bit, open on both sides, with a 20mm lip. It also has a rear opening to access a storage bit for the kids. All the cabling runs up the passenger A pillar, plenty of room and easy to access to under the glovebox.


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