Pajero 3: Replace bulb on the heater control panel

Here we will take a look on how to replace bulb on the heater panel.


Found this article on the internet, but this is something to do with my pajero as well as it has the same issue. Currently I am leaving in another country and driving another car, my pajero is waiting for me in the homeland, in garage... That's why here is not so much updates posted...

But ok, let's see how to replace the bulb and which bulbs we can use there.

Firstly, heater control panel should be removed from console.

I removed the fan speed knob using two small flat blade screwdrivers simultaneously, one under each side of the knob with some thick cardboard drinks coasters wedged between screwdriver and the unit in order to prevent marking the plastic.  The knob indeed came off undamaged.  

This allowed for easy removal (four retainer clips with some constant pressure the whole time) of the black module that contains the air recirculation button, seen here.

Flipping the unit over we see (and more importantly, can access!) four different bulbs.  The bulbs for the rear window demister and the air recirculation are labelled "BLACK".

It's a simple bayonet fitting, removed with a small flat blade screwdriver.  Here we see the air recirculation bulb, removed.


And from another forums - we can use bulbs model T5, 12V, 1,2W.

Be careful with LED bulbs - they will not become darker when you wish to :)

Original Mitsubishi part number MR500781


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