Pajero 3: How to read check engine lights without scanner

One of the common questions I hear again and again is “Does the Pajero Di-D support ODB2 codes?”

Well, unfortunately, the answer is no. But, there is still a way to read the failure codes without an expensive special scanner (no, the $20 ODB2 from eBay won’t do the work in that case).

First, You have to locate the diagnostic connector, you should find it next to the driver knee. There are 2 connectors there, the trapeze black one is the one you are looking for.

You can see it in the picture below:


Here is a scheme of the connector, as you might notice, it looks like a standard ODB2 connector, the only problem is that the Pajero/Shogun protocol is MUT II (2)

While the switch is on (engine is off), connect a “ground” (-) wire to terminal #1 of the connector and look at the dashboard lights.

Or - we can also connect terminal #1 with terminal #4 (which actualy is a ground)

The relevant lights would blink:

  • Check Engine Light for the engine fault codes
  • ABS light for the ABS errors
  • Center diff lock for the transfer codes
  • “N” gear light for the automatic transmission box fault codes

Now, I hope that you know MORSE code since it is similar :)

The codes will run over and over again, so do not worry if you do not read them on the first time you try.

Disconnecting the battery for 30 seconds or more will reset all of the codes!

How to read the codes?

The idea is similar to dash and dots codes, the lights will stay on for “long” flashes and “short”  flashes.

Long flashes represent “tens” while short flashes represent “singles”


if the Check Engine Light will flash like that: ___ ___ _ _ _ it means code 23 (see in the table below)

And one more video from myself. In this video we can see error codes 33 and 35 for central diff lock:

The codes tables:

Engine codes:

Pajero Engine fault code 51 refers to the EGR system.

Automatic Transmission codes:

Transfer case codes:

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