Nearest posts about fuel system

First of all, I suppose, most of you have heard some bad stories about fuel system. Especially fuel injection pump, fuel tank, fuel lines and fuel filler neck pipe.

Each of them costs a lot. Fuel pump (recovered) around 1000 - 1500 EUR, new fuel tank around 500+ EUR, fuel filler neck pipe around 150-200 EUR. Most dangerous are corrosion in Fuel tank. All this corrosion parts are super small and fuel filters cannot stop them. That causes fuel pump death…


My car seller swears that everything was changed, etc., etc. But - he couldn't find the answer for simple question - why you wanna sell it?

I was lucky, fuel pump is without problems. Fuel tank by itself is new, from Pajero 4th edition :)

But, I have done several things with my car fuel system and I will share my knowledges later here, in this blog:

  • Fuel pipe upgrade
  • Fuel line upgrade

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“Nothing is impossible. We can do a lot with cars even repair them. Just share knowledges and search for info.”