How to replace a dashboard bulb to LED

My bottom two green bulbs on the 4x4 display was blown so instead of buying replacements at the dealer for about R25 each I ordered a set of led bulbs from ebay. (10 T5 286 White LED Bulbs with Wedge Base Dashboards)

A few weeks wait and they arrived this morning. Luckily they sent me 15 bulbs otherwise I wouldn't have had enough. You need 12 to do the back lighting, 4x4 lights, center amber and diff lock light.


DIY Steps

Lower the steering wheel with the lever underneath the column.
Remove the 2 screws in the top cover of the cluster.
Pry the bottom parts away first of the black cover and then the top part. 
Note the clips

Swivel it out being careful not to break it.

Then remove the following 4 screws and pull the cluster straight out and then swivel the bottom part to you and up and out with the bottom part of the cluster coming out first between the dash and steering wheel facing away from you (effectively making the cluster do a front flip away from you)

This reveals the back of the cluster

Now let's look at the bulbs. They twist out anti clockwise and looks like this.

Removing the clip from the bulb

The ebay LED bulb

The LED bulb stripped apart

The connector with the new LED bulb in

This is the bulb locations for the cluster

To do the far right one in the top picture you need to remove a PCB board to get to it.
Remove it by undoing the following screws and gently pulling straight up. It will have a bit of resistance.

This what the PCB board looks like underneath

Reassembly is reverse of disassembly.

Bulb comparison

Temp = LED
Fuel = old bulb

Bottom left wheel = LED
Top 2 wheels = old bulb

Right side of cluster = LED
Left side of cluster = old bulb

Finished cluster

All the flashing lights work as they should and the dimmer works as well.

If the bulb doesn't work, remove rotate it 180 degrees, and re-install. LED's only work with the flow in one direction, unlike halogen bulbs that work with 12v from any of the 2 contact points.


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